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West Palm Beach FL, 33401

A Collective of Global Brands

Canergy Capital is committed to building a unique and impactful fund, focused on incubating a portfolio of global and sustainable brands that help create a measurable societal benefit, while also delivering attractive financial returns to our investors.

Canergy Capital

Canergy Capital is a private equity fund specializing in early stage, market-disruptive technologies in the Health & Wellness markets. The fund began with a primary focus on the cannabis and hemp industries and has since expanded to secure a wide variety of investments to represent its fast-growing global portfolio.

Canergy’s incubator model represents a “brain trust” of entrepreneurs that seek to assemble a collection of the best minds, technologies and businesses. Ultimately these efforts support some of the most trusted and respected brands in the world, led by a world-class management team.

With products ranging from hand sanitizers to hemp smokables, the team has identified the opportunity to apply best practices for branding, marketing and distribution to create a culture of health and wellness. Working with the Fluent Group—a consumer engagement company which has launched brands such as Red Bull—Canergy is injecting top talent into the marketing infrastructure of its latest projects.

The company continues to build a vertically integrated distribution network, leveraging its established group of top agricultural and biopharmaceutical companies, seed/genetic specialists, real estate and finance experts, and distributors (with over 100,000 retail locations.)

Canergy is dedicated to serving the highest welfare of the planet and its people. The fund reinvests a minimum of 1% of its profits to disadvantaged communities to build a healthier, more environmentally conscious world.